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Document Numbering Convention

Finance Chairs Committee


The following contains the Finance Chairs Committee’s (FCC) recommendation for document numbering in Banner. 



Document numbers in Banner are eight-character alphanumeric fields.  Documents may have numbers either defined by the user or sequentially assigned by the system.  The FCC is recommending all user-entered documents use the convention outlined below.  Documents fed from sub-systems will be exempt from this convention.

In arriving at a coding convention recommendation, each of the process groups evaluated the numerous on-line document research tools available in Banner, many of which are not available in our current system.  Some of these are listed below.

Form or Report

Form or Report Name

Primary Sort

Some of the inquiry screens include:


Document Retrieval Inquiry Form

Document number or document type


Detail Transaction Activity Form

Any of the FOAPAL elements


List of Suspended Journal Vouchers Form

Document number


Encumbrance List Form

Document number


Document Approval History Form

Document number or type


Document User Form

Originating user

Some of the Banner reports include:


Journal Voucher Listing Form

Document number, journal type, date


Incomplete Document Listing

User ID, document type


Open Encumbrance Report



In determining the coding convention for manually entered documents, the following guidelines are established:

  1. A standard numbering convention will be used for all documents with the exception of Keene State College. 
  2. At minimum of three characters will be dedicated to the sequence number.
  3. Documents will necessarily have to be archived within ten years to allow for continued use.


The FCC recommends the following numbering convention for manually entered documents:




Document Type (E for Encumbrance; R for Requisition*; P for Purchase Order; I for Invoice; and J for Journal Vouchers, including budget and CR documents)


Last Digit of Fiscal Year (Only 1 character is necessary since history will be archived)


Campus (e.g. U for UNH, P for PSC, C for CLL, etc.)

4th – 5th

Major Unit (The 4th character will represent the 2nd character of Org.  The 5th character will represent a sequencer or a departmental designation determined by the Units/Campuses.)

6th – 8th


*  Beginning February 3, 2004, the Office of Sponsored Research, (OSR) will enter subcontract requisitions using one "Z", 2-digit fiscal year and then a sequential number (ex. Z04XXXX).   Note there is a four digit sequencer rather than the three digits on other documents and this total number length is only 7 characters. This is important as the requisition will be converted to PZ04XXXX - which will not work correctly if more than seven digits is used.


A fiscal 2002 journal entry for the Academic Affairs department at UNH may be coded with a document number of:  J2UA*001.

*    Denotes character assigned by Academic Affairs RC Unit to represent department or additional sequence number.


The recommended convention will be adopted for each campus, with the exception of Keene.  Since there was a significant interest in using the “NEXT” convention of document numbering, the FCC is recommending that Keene implement a pilot program using “NEXT.”  Keene's intent to use “NEXT” at go-live date is dependent on MR2's delivery of certain reporting capability, specifically, paramatized, detailed transaction reports.  Should it appear that this capability would not be available at go-live date, KSC reserves the right to delay the “NEXT” pilot and go live using the USNH-wide proposed numbering convention.  After a period of six to twelve months, the program will be evaluated to assess the effectiveness of this numbering scheme and will be compared to the utility provided by the scheme noted above to determine if USNH might adopt the “NEXT” numbering convention system-wide. 

Plymouth will begin using the recommended numbering convention for manual document entry starting July 1, 2001.  Note that this will result in budget and cash receipt documents beginning with the letter J due to the shared form in Banner.



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